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Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Nick’s passion for photography was piqued by the beautiful landscapes and architecture of the coast. Endeavouring to capture timeless and meaningful imagery, Nick continues to seek out photography inspiration through sport, nature, and design.

Nick’s pursuit of athletics has offered a wealth of incredible experiences that drive his passion for photography. From sailing the cold waters of the Atlantic ocean and the warm waves of the Caribbean sea, to mountaineering in the Rockies through chest deep snow, Nick has a tremendous appreciation for nature and adventure. Cycling at a competitive level and enjoying casual games of squash keep him busy when he’s not behind the camera, Nick appreciates the importance of being present in the moment while simultaneously capturing it.

Architecture and design have always been subject  matter interests for Nick and he follows the work of many architects around the world with a keen focus on those pushing the boundaries of sustainable design.

Nick’s penchant for quality and detail extends to his printing work. In order to secure the highest level of print quality, he procured his own large format, fine art printer and continues to print for himself, alongside select, professional clients. Shooting an image for print can be quite a bit more challenging than for strictly digital use which is another skill set that elevates Nicks photography.

If you are looking to capture unique, interesting, and timeless photos, Nick is looking forward to collaborating and moving your brand forward.


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Lincolnberg Homes - North Elm - Candace Wolfe Design - Chernenko Engineering

Herbologie - Argus Machine - Flourish Clinic - Groot Dermatology - The Dental Studio

Sherbrooke Dental - Teske Chivers Law - Royal & Company - Paper Leaf - Top-Co

Flexxaire - Glow Juicery - Hardcore Bikes - Alley Kat - Araam Inc - Jason Blower